Healthy and Happy Meal For You

The world that we live in is a fast one. It’s a world where people don’t have the time to eat healthy all the time or even live healthy lives. We depend largely on restaurant food for survival and for the fitness conscious that is a nightmare. To counter this problem among Indians, who depend on outside food and prefer healthy food, McDonalds’ (West & South) is changing their menus and taking initiatives to provide customers a healthier food alternative.

The new and improved menu contains a plethora of options like vegetable-rich foods, grilled food that have lowered fat content and reducing the sodium content in meals. Besides these, McDonalds’ is also serving soup and salads, healthier and greener choices for the health conscious. For example, the newly launched ‘Experience of the Future’ (EOTF) restaurant at Nariman Point Mumbai has two varieties of soup and two varieties of salad in its menu. With the EOTF experience, customers also get to experience the thought and initiative that McDonalds’ provides to make the customer experience a lot better.

Amit Jatia, Vice Chairman of Westlife Development whose subsidiary Hardcastle Restaurants runs McDonald’s West & South India, recently spoke at an interview about these changes. He said that the focus for the company at the moment was to make McDonalds’ a healthy eating option for diners by introducing healthy food that contained a lot of organic greens. To do so, the entire breakfast menu is entirely grilled to reduce the fat content present as well as make the newly introduced wraps from whole wheat instead of refined or processed wheat. The inclusion of salads and soups, Amit said, is also another such initiative along with the disclosure of the calorie content in the menu items to inform customers about how much calorie and carbs they are consuming, labeled as a bold move. As he puts it, the idea is to provide the customer with varied food options so that they can choose the kind of meal they wish to have on a given day at a given time. To simplify, mornings could be for salads and evenings could be McChicken, giving the customer the choice to decide their diet and appetite.

McDonalds’ current fat content for their soft serve is 3.5{6e1171ec64bc874d7566c016463d2618d7993ba507bd6e58c48d5b17beaf71fd} as opposed to 10{6e1171ec64bc874d7566c016463d2618d7993ba507bd6e58c48d5b17beaf71fd} that other ice creams contain. The soft serve at McDonald is milk based as opposed to vegetable oil that other brands use. Amit added that a few years earlier, the oil content for McDonalds was bought down by 65{6e1171ec64bc874d7566c016463d2618d7993ba507bd6e58c48d5b17beaf71fd} and calorie content was reduced to 10{6e1171ec64bc874d7566c016463d2618d7993ba507bd6e58c48d5b17beaf71fd} in the burger, a reduction of 7{6e1171ec64bc874d7566c016463d2618d7993ba507bd6e58c48d5b17beaf71fd}. To add to that, sodium content i.e. salt and spices, were also reduced in menu items like nuggets and fries, along with the use of no preservatives or flavors in any food, including patties used in burgers.

As Jatia sums it up, McDonald’s is reinventing itself and its kitchen to keep up with customer requirements and healthy food is the next obvious step in this transition.